Sepia Scenes #74 — Icy blue reflections

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Pagan Sphinx sa…
Sepia in blue. Beautiful photograph.
sniehans sa…
For a second I thought it was a dove ice sculpture!
Chesney sa…
This almost looks like a professional ice cool, the details, transparency, and cool tones of blue makes this SPECTACULAR!!
awarewriter sa…
Cool, no cold image. I shiver when I view this shot. marvelous composition in blue.
Carletta sa…
That is a lot of ice!
I'm imagining a Phoenix rising from the ice.
Iona sa…
The dried plants really help define this ice shot. Without them, it would be just another hunk of melting ice that landed somewhere from someone's shovel or plow. The light reflects nicely. Nice shot.

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