Skywatch Friday — Overshadow

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Dark clouds overshadow Forsmark nuclear power plant in Forsmark, Sweden.

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Louise sa…
Looks like quite a storm. The low clouds seem a bit more intense than the darker ones above. No matter what, beautiful skies.
Photo Cache sa…
I like everything about this image.
J Bar sa…
The light is amazing in this shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs
Vita Stunder sa…
Riktigt snyggt! :)

Du hittade den pingtjänsten jag använder ser jag.
Ha det gott
koala sa…
Nuclear plant sounds scary but it goes well with the dramatic sky in your photo.
Superb! What a visual those colors!
Eric sa…
Wow, some nice sky here, love the cloudsetting, well composed!!

Have a nice SWF.
chrome3d sa…
That could be a good photo about the good sides of nuclear power...or bad or whatever sides. The glow of the asphalt and the rain was so cool too.
Petunia sa…
Det var litt av noen skyer på bildet ditt!
Kom de med et tordenvær?
Jeg likte godt lyset i bildet og at du tok med litt av grantreet på venstre side:)
Ha en flott weekend!

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