Skywatch Friday – Scary moonlight

Photo by Artlover, LH
Click to enlarge the image

Only Wolfman and Dracula are missing in the darkness:-)

Skywatch Friday

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magnus sa…
Håller med, man väntar nästan på att dom dyker upp när som helst ;)..bra bild var det iaf.
kden sa…
Maybe we were looking at the the moon on the same night. Very cool shot through the tree.
Dette liker jeg! Så mystisk og vakkert! Nærer fantasien dette bildet. Nesten så jeg hører svisj! fra en flaggermus!
very dramatic sky photograph..well Done!!

Som tagen ur en läbbig ryyyyysare :-).
Ha det så skönt på landet och lycka till på "svampjakten".
James sa…
Very, very cool. This is a wonderful picture.
Dan sa…
Kjempestilig bilde! Likte det veldig godt:-)
Anonym sa…
Photo Cache sa…
what a fantastic capture. Stephen King should contact you about using this on the cover of his next book.

thank you for your kind comments on my photo.
Arija sa…
Bring on the bats and the broomsticks, the more the merrier.
Hannah sa…
Hello, Leif! You take beautiful pictures. Call me strange, but I think that shot is just romantic! :D Thanks for your visit.
Carletta sa…
A perfect title for this eerie shot!
Wonderfully captured!
It's as if the tree branches are reaching for that one bright spot.
Chesney sa…
So dramatic and a little haunting! The perfect Halloween sky (now all you need is a witch) LOL
@nemonen sa…
Hu den himlen är en riktig rysare, men urtjusig.

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