Skywatch Friday

Photo by Artlover, LH
Click to enlarge the image.

The yellow straws against the big blue, get a nice complement to the sky.

Skywatch Friday

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En riktig sommarkänsla i din bild. Vackra kontraster. Nej jag vet inte hur man fixar till kommentarer som epost. Sorry. Justeringslager, ska jag kika lite på. Tack för tipset.
I LOVE this look of the sky through grass! It is that time of year, isn't it?
Rune sa…
Flott perspektiv du har fanget dette i, pent og behagelig bilde :)
LV sa…
Very nice sky watch shot. You are right the sky makes a great backdrop for the straw.
Anonym sa…
The colours do go beautifully together - it has a harvesty feel to it.
Gunilla sa…
Jättefin bild.
Gillar den verkligen,Man känner sig liten.

Tack för din kommentar.

Deslilas sa…
I had the same id but your pic is better than mine.ea
magiceye sa…
perfect perspective
clairz sa…
That's a beautiful photo, even more so when clicked on. Thank you for sharing.
Elisabeth sa…
Lovely image. I like the unique point of view. Thanks for sharing.

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