Sepia Scenes #54

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Pacey sa…
Creative, the clogs are perfect for sepia...
Underbart!!!!! Tänk vad denna lera höjer upp fotot. Skulle man inte tro.
Nina sa…
Fin bild för sepia!
These old well-walked shoes look stunning in sepia! They tell a story of many adventures!
Qatesha sa…
Härlig gammeldagskänsla :D Fint!
Ralph sa…
These shoes are well worn with the leather scraped. Yet in sepia, the look of the leather is softer, the shoes old but really comfortable. The sepia adds life to this footwear!
Mar sa…
Beautiful in sepia!!
så där ser de ju ut efter ett tag. snygg fot-at. :)

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