Sepia Scenes #55 — Summer memories

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Anne sa…
Noe så utrolig vakkert. Tenk at det er så lenge til neste gang :-(
Ser att Sweden rules just nu.
Snyggt bidrag Leif. Den lilla getingrumpan är bara för fin ;-)
Kris sa…
Marice sa…
wow thats lovely! great looking in sepia!

u may view mine if u have time
Annie sa…
Such pretty blossoms and perfect in sepia to reflect their memory of past springs.
AnnaKK sa…
Den här... WOW, säger jag bara! :-)
Day4plus sa…
Oh my!! such perfection
Hi there. Your photos are gorgeous!
An artful sepia photo with a Yellow bee! I love it! Happy Sepia Scenes! :)
Eagles Wings sa…
Wow, love the lighting on that shot!
Ralph sa…
As summer is now far past, the view of nice warm weather warms us up a bit. The flower stands out against the sepia background, and its beautiful shape is a pleasure to see!
That is luscious! With a dash of bee!
Anonym sa…
Oh how pretty, it looks great in sepia
kaye sa…
so delicate, If you want to wander down my road I’m home.
Nina sa…
Du var inne på samma mjuka tema som jag :-) Fin och stämningsfull bild!

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