Sepia Scenes — My brushes

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Wonderful picture. I love the texture and play of the light with the sepia effect.
anemonen sa…
Gillar dina borstar. Jag har också massor av borstar, men de används till ansiktet:D Det går ju att måla där med.
Kim, USA sa…
Congratulations! You come up with this idea good picture. Thanks for commenting at my site I do appreciate it.

My Life’s Journey in Focus,
At my tabletop,
My Life’s Photo,
My Pride and Joy,
This is really creative. Cool.
Carletta sa…
Sepia found with an artist's eye!
Nice to imagine the color soon to be picked up with each brush.
Well done!
Round The Bend.
Robin sa…
Great choice - the brushes are compelling in their simplicity.
Marice sa…
u really got a lot of brushes! shot looks more creative and great in sepia!

thanks for stoppin by :)
christina sa…
Åh, nu blir jag sugen på att måla!! Väldigt snyggt foto!!
Ralph sa…
The tools of the trade we see. Different brushes with the horsehair bristles, for big paint strokes and tiny details. The friend of the artist!
Patti sa…
This is such a creative photo of something so simple as paint brushes.
It is really cool when enlarged.
Anonym sa…
very artistic sepia image! I likes
Anonym sa…
Lovely photo!
Heidi sa…
You can make anything look beatuiful! Very very nice picture. I love the color in sepia. It is very fitting.
If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.
Rose sa…
Wonderful image...not the normal subject matter!
penslarna passade ju väldigt bra som sepia :)
Simple, beautiful shot, artlover! :)

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