Sepia Scenes #62

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Dirty road

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kaye sa…
the natural color of dirt in my part of the world. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on
Annie sa…
I gasped when I saw this. Just LOVE it.
Marice sa…
wow i never thought that will came out different in photo :) great!

u may view mine here
@nemonen sa…
Oj ett lite ovanligt motiv i sepia. Häftigt tycker jag.
Perry sa…
Very interesting shot! It is always nice to see something mundane, like mud, brought to life. Well done.
Ralph sa…
Luckily the mud did not trap the driver, and he could get away. It seems that you have more mud than snow now? I suppose in Nordic lands maybe the winter is snow and mud (and mud is perfect for sepia!)
Carletta sa…
I didn't post a sepia shot today but wanted to visit some. So glad I stopped by here.
Clever catch - my country girl's heart loves this!
Nicely done!
christina sa…
Häftigt, smutsigt, kladdigt och snyggt foto!!
Anonym sa…
I have to agree about the color of mud. Perfect choice for a sepia image. I like the perspective.

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