2010 Virtual Photowalk — Cold

The word Cold can be interpreted in many ways. My picture of a blackbird that appears to freeze may be my interpretation of the word "Cold".

Photo by Artlover, LH
Click to enlarge the image

Photographed with my little Canon Ixus 100 IS
f/5,8 1/15 ISO 400, Focal Length 17,8 mm.

This photo is edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. In Photoshop, I made a local contrast increase to raise the image more. To do this in Photoshop:
1. Make a layer copy; layer > duplicate layer.
2.With the copy layer selected, go to; filter > other > high pass. Set an appropriate value, quite high (see picture below) so you get white or dark halos around the edges.

3. Then add the layer blendning mode on Soft light to see how the picture´s details emerge. Do you think the effect is to strong, cut down layer opacity slightly. Do you think it´s too weak, try to change the blend mode to Overlay and regulate the layer opacity in the same way until you are satisfied.

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This poor blackbird looks freezing cold! I love that effect - I copied it, now I have to go play...thanks for the instructions (I love learning new techniques)!
This is so perfect it is almost surreal. This is a beautiful shot!
Lorri sa…
Cold is certainly what comes to my mind when I view this photo! Thanks for the tutorial, too. I'll put it to good use one day!
Cold for sure, with great contrast!
mljrbg sa…
I think it is perfect. I like the very sharp look in this image and it has a lot of depth to it. Thanks for the tip. It's in my notebook!! If you ever want to share some of your speia tips there's still room in my notebook!!

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