2010 Virtual Photowalk — Layers (and mini Assignment #1)

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Do you see what the picture imagine? If you look really close (which I have done here), you can see layers of plywood on a plywood sheet in profile. It´s my interpretation of the theme layer. Plywood is a versatile material that can be used for much. For example, among other things, to paint on, as I´ve done here. I´ve used the plywoodboard to an oil painting. We can see the white background color to cover some plywood layers and the orange oilpaint on the surface of the plywood.
In addition, I´ve also focused on the composition, contained in this month´s assignment. I´ve placed the light and shadov side of the corner of the board where the golden ratio is in the picture

Photo by Artlover, LH
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In the second picture I´ve chosen to illustrate a bit more clearly what it is than the above picture, and that I´have violated the rule of the golden ratio (all cases diagonally). We see that corner of the board is central in the picture. The shadow of the profile edge of the board relates shorter than the lighter one, even though they are of equal length. It´s a visual confusion that makes the image unstable, even though the subject is static and is in balance. I´ve broken the law on the golden ratio here. See more participants to the mini assignment #1 here.

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Chesney sa…
Wonderful examples of the rule of thirds, and not only that I love the first image...the angle you shot it at and the textures and colors are really fabulous! It shows great depth too NICE
Rachel sa…
Interesting image. You've captured the layers very well and the colors are great.
Anonym sa…
Leif, this is an interesting example of the golden ratio. It's the simplicity of the subject that makes this such a great visual lesson. Also, my hat is off to you for producing such a beautiful light to work with.

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