Skywatch Friday — Waiting under the blue sky

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Here are a bunch of wintering gray herons on the ice and waiting or have a good time in the sun. These birds, I visited yesterday at the Råstasjön in Solna, where there is a feeding place for them.

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J Bar sa…
The light is amazing. Great shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs
James sa…
I love the color combonation in this picture. It's really nice.
Spiderdama sa…
Så vakkert! Og herlig blå himmel.
Moonstruck snow fields Don't see too many down under.
Chesney sa…
Looks like they are all enjoying that bright day...what a happy sky!
Lorac sa…
I have never seen this many Herons together! very good photo!
I agree about the light in this shot and I spy the moon too, very nice.
LadyFi sa…
Love the birds against the backdrop of that dazzling sky!
They look so cold, but the scene is lovely. So glad there is a place where they are fed~
@nemonen sa…
Oh himmel så vackert. Var har du hittat hägrarna, och lyckats komma så nära? Urtjusigt och så har du lagt dem i din header- så snyggt! Trevlig helg
beautiful scene...the sky is such a lovely shade of blue. I've never seen so many herons gathered in one place before. Lovely.
Kcalpesh sa…
This is one complete picture! Beautiful!

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