Watery Wednesday — Splash

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Anonym sa…
Outstanding capture. Two thumbs up.
Anonym sa…
How do you get the timing so perfect!? It's a beauty.
Luna sa…
W O W !!!!!!!!
Happy Watery Wednesday...Luna
Müge Tekil sa…
Superb photo! Not only the splash is perfectly photographed but also the colours and the composition are very beautiful.
Carolyn Ford sa…
The splash and color are superb! Brilliant photography!
Carletta sa…
A stunning shot!
The splash looks like a gold crown. :)
Mona sa…
Det ser ut som en kungakrona i vattnet. Mycket snyggt!
Chesney sa…
You are nailing every one of these shots...I love the color and the clarity of the water drops...another incredible capture!
Nina sa…
Riktigt snyggt fotat!!! Gillar att det är lite annorlunda färger än vad man brukar se i vattenbilder!
Ny snygg header oxå!
Svar: "Vad är… nä det kan jag inte skriva här…" ????
Det stänker guld! Häftig bild!

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