Sepia Scenes #73

Photo by Artlover, LH
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I stand alone and light up your way, even though you´ve already gone past me.

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christina sa…
Läckert foto med passande text!!
Gunsside sa…
Lekkert lys i snøen, kult foto;)
I think Life that day may have been Sepia all over.
Anonym sa…
You are a true master of night scenes. This one is marvelous.
Chesney sa…
The lighting and footprint combination is just awesome...I love your eye and the way you see things! Beautiful!
Marice sa…
what a beautiful shot :) its telling a story!

u may view mine here
kaye sa…
reminds me of "narnia"
@nemonen sa…
Det här gillar jag mycket. Snyggt med ljuset i högerkant från lampan. Som en tavla
Elegant and very mysterious.

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