Skywatch Friday — Dynamic morning Sun

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Three exposures with different shutterspeeds in a single image. This is a HDR-image.

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nonizamboni sa…
I love the contrast of the soft, cottony sky against the harsh snow covered roof, framed by the lacy branches. Very nicely done!
Beautiful hues looks like a good day ahead.
Leif: Beautiful capture of the sunrise over the roof. Thanks so much for sharing. Love you heron header.
Shannara sa…
Snygg bild, den ser nästan ut att vara tagen från min lägenhet... haha
Chesney sa…
I love how natural it turned out...the HDR really gave dimension to the sky as well!
J Bar sa…
That's a brilliant capture. You've positioned the sunrise perfectly.
Sydney - City and Suburbs
I love that shade of pink just poking through the clouds, beautifully done!
Carletta sa…
What a wonderful HDR rendering!
I love the colors in the sky - well done!
LadyFi sa…
I can see a rainbow in those clouds. Lovely1
@nemonen sa…
Tjusigt morgonfoto. HDR ? Är fotot sammansatt på något sätt. Nyfiken:-)
Love those colors!
Tarun Mitra sa…
amazing...lovely colors
Japa sa…
Good one. Beautiful colors.

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