Watery Wednesday #81

Photo by Artlover, LH
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Drip,drop... The snow melts away from the roofs. It´s spring.

Posted for Watery Wednesday

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James sa…
Nice melting action going on there. soon the snow will be long gone like here.
Don't worry, 12 inches of snow is only equivalent to one inch of water, LOL
Our snow is gone now in eastern Ontario, but I love this image with the blue, blue sky and the dripping from the eavestroughs. That is such a harbinger of spring. Tonight we actually had a colorful sunset and surely that means warm weather is coming...

Chesney sa…
Way to stop that melting snow in mid air! Very cool image of a very exciting event! Spring is coming faster and faster...
Michelle W. sa…
This is a very neat picture! Love the melting snow.
Nice melting, and lovely shot.
Ms. Bake-it sa…
Great action shot! Love the melting snow.

~ Tracy

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