Photo by Artlover, LH
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I think that these images would fit well to the theme. What do you think? See and enjoy.
  1. Exposure 1/400, f/6.3, Focal Length 105,0 mm, ISO 200
  2. Exposure 1/125, f/9.0, Focal Length 105,0 mm, ISO 200
  3. Exposure 1/80, f/9.0, Focal Length 105,0 mm, ISO 200
Lens: 105.0 mm f/2.8
The images are processed in Lightroom 2.

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LadyFi sa…
Fabulous and stunning shots! So full of light.
Fabulous, Leif...I have twitter....u can find it at my blog...each post u can see it...
We dont have, yet, flowers like these, in Västerås...I hope so...I can find it very soon...
And I dont get to walk with my CANON and many books....hahahahahhahahahah
So..I use it a Panasonic...that doesnt take excellent photos...but I like...and u?How are u, sweet?
Have a nice day

Randi sa…
Helt underbart fångat - älskar ljuset som dansar i blommorna! Jag bara njuuuuter!
eileeninmd sa…
Just stunning. Gorgeous macro shots.
@nemonen sa…
Vackra macrobilder och visst väcker de känslor - Vårkänslor.
Ebie sa…
Great macros! I love those bright colors and the crocus is just gorgeous!
Esther sa…
Yes, emotions come into play when I see the first signs of life in my garden after a long winter. Lovely colors to peep up out of the ground.
loving that second photo, awesome!
dorispac sa…
These do have so much emotion. They reach up like hands. Love the eye-level shots and the detail rendered in them.
Arija sa…
Very emotional, particularly for me as Anemone Hepatica is my favourite spring flower and almost impossible to grow here.
Chesney sa…
All three of these beauties put a smile on my face, a true emotional high! Gorgeous!
These are just beautiful, Leif. I particularly like the blue of the second image - I guess that is the anemone hepatica that your previous commenter admired.

Lillianna sa…
1:an och 2:an är fina, men den som fångar mitt intresse och beundran är 3:an. Underbara färger, härligt mustigt och fina blommor i kombination! En fav helt enkelt!!


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