Photo by Artlover, LH
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Exposure 1/400, f/7.1, Focal Length 105,0 mm, ISO 200, Lens 105.0 mm, f/2.8
The image is processed in Lightroom 2 & Photoshop.

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En mycket vacker komposition med den varmt bruna omgivningen och den färgglada skarpa ensamma blåsippan i all sin prakt

Läckert och enkelt, gillas skarpt!

Chesney sa…
Love the selective color in this and also how the center of this gorgeous bloom looks like little fingers coming out...beautiful!
Anonym sa…
Great camerawork and processing on this lovely violet flower. The color really creates a standout image.
Anonym sa…
I like the contrast between the chaos of the stems and the beauty of the flower.


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