Sepia Scenes #85

Photo by Artlover/LH
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Anonym sa…
Beautiful sepia image. Did you process it in Lightroom?
Artlover sa…
No, I did it in Photoshop:-)
Gunsside sa…
Tøft bilde, bra redigert ;)
cai sa…
Nice photo!
If your interested check out my new photo challenge website which is different from all the others!

You will find my sepia photo here:

Have a good one!
Chesney sa…
Another very cool image. Love the rich tones of the sepias and the composition is perfect!
Socorro sa…
Dear leif, U know that iam not fa of sepia and black and white..but I love it that...congrats

I arrived at home last night...and tried to call u from Estonia but your cellphone was disconected...oh, sorry for it
nice week
Anonym sa…
oh, Leif..sorry..I was adding a layout to my friend´s blog and her name was at the last comment of mine..sorry

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