Evening Sky

Photo by Artlover/LH
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The moon reflecting in the lake. Everything is quiet and calm in the summer evening. As it should be.

Exposure 1/40, f/5,0, Focal Length 24,0 mm (in DX-format), ISO 200. Lens: 10,0-24,0 mm, f/3.5-4.5.
The image is processed in Lightroom 2.

Posted for Skywatch Friday

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Dani sa…
great shot. the reflection is superb.
Kcalpesh sa…
With the reflection... this capture is SUPERB!!

Excellent Photography :-)

Pixellicious Photos
Mar sa…
Fantastic capture, what a lovely setting!
Anne sa…
Noe så drømmende vakkert Leif, tenk å sitte slik en sen kveld og reflektere over livet!! helt fantastisk min venn.
Manang Kim sa…
A very beautiful reflection! Happy Friday!

LadyFi sa…
Peaceful and gorgeous, like a silken scarf.
Beautiful evening photo...I especially love the reflections in the water.
Great Capture.
So relaxing and peaceful, the reflections are beautiful!
Al sa…
Great reflection. It must have been a very calm evening.
gunknitter sa…
Vidunderlig !
Arija sa…
Is there anything more romantic than a summer evening with the moon reflected in a still lake? I think not.
Beautiful reflection. Just stunning.
syel sa…
stunning! the reflection is so clear. :)
Judy sa…
I have bookmarked your blog, because I sure want to come again! I love this image!!!

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