Evening Sky

Photo by Artlover/LH
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The moon reflecting in the lake. Everything is quiet and calm in the summer evening. As it should be.

Exposure 1/40, f/5,0, Focal Length 24,0 mm (in DX-format), ISO 200. Lens: 10,0-24,0 mm, f/3.5-4.5.
The image is processed in Lightroom 2.

Posted for Skywatch Friday

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Dani sa…
great shot. the reflection is superb.
Kcalpesh sa…
With the reflection... this capture is SUPERB!!

Excellent Photography :-)

Pixellicious Photos
MaR sa…
Fantastic capture, what a lovely setting!
Anne sa…
Noe så drømmende vakkert Leif, tenk å sitte slik en sen kveld og reflektere over livet!! helt fantastisk min venn.
Kim, USA sa…
A very beautiful reflection! Happy Friday!

LadyFi sa…
Peaceful and gorgeous, like a silken scarf.
Beautiful evening photo...I especially love the reflections in the water.
Great Capture.
Anonym sa…
So relaxing and peaceful, the reflections are beautiful!
Al sa…
Great reflection. It must have been a very calm evening.
Arija sa…
Is there anything more romantic than a summer evening with the moon reflected in a still lake? I think not.
Cheryl Cato sa…
Beautiful reflection. Just stunning.
syel sa…
stunning! the reflection is so clear. :)
Judy sa…
I have bookmarked your blog, because I sure want to come again! I love this image!!!

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