Skywatch Friday

Photo by Artlover/LH
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Wherever we we find ourselves somewhere so we leave traces of ourselves.

Posted for Skywatch Friday

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Sylvia K sa…
Terrific monochrome capture and I love the vapor trail! Perfect exclamation point! Have a great week!

Anonym sa…
How cool is that...."To the stars and beyond"! Now I just need that Star Trek music playing! Awesome shot!
Elisabeth sa…
Wonderful monochrome capture...excellent! Memorable!
Great Monochrome looks as if the vet did leave trails of it's self.
Kcalpesh sa…
Marvelous, you captured the flight in a perfect manner!!

Pixellicious Photos
Anonym sa…
WoW! That's COMPLETELY different in b&w! WoW!!! Great processing
EG Wow sa…
This is sooo artistic. Wonderful capture!
Love the effect in black and white!
Have a great week!
Dani sa…
artistic and wonderful

Happy SW Friday!
Gard sa…
Dette bildet digget jeg :) Utrolig kult tatt.
Very dramatic statement this has~
Ma.links sa…
Häftig, lite kuslig bild.
A creqative presentation of the sky in monochrome! The vapour trail is so defined and dramatic in white in contrast with the strong dark lines!
Nattsyrran sa…
Vilken superläcker bild!!!!

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