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The day has gone to its end and the darkness has fallen over the neighborhood. The night is here and the stars are again visible in the sky. They will guide your journey through the night´s dreams.

Exposure 5,0 sec, f/2,8, Focal Length 24,0 mm, ISO 200. Lens: 24.0-70.0 mm, f/2.8.
The image is processed in Lightroom 2.

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Skywatch Friday

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Chesney sa…
Wish it was night time here, you have me yearning to go to bed again! LOL Very pretty and peaceful! Sweet Dreams! :)
Max-e sa…
Nice shot. I love tghe tones.
Anonym sa…

Happy Sky Watch Friday!
LadyFi sa…
What a gorgeous sky. So serene!
Ma.links sa…
Mycket vacker mörk himmel.
Gunsside sa…
Vakker natthimmel ;)
Beautiful sky

Have a nice weekend, Bram

seen on Sky Watch Friday
syel sa…
i like how the darkness of the night emphasized the midground of the photo :)
The deep sky colours and the ragged silhouette horizon create a very mystical scene! Beautiful!
Gramma Ann sa…
I am so used to seeing day time sky pictures, that this night sky picture is just lovely.
Kcalpesh sa…
I love those colors!! Really very beautiful!!

Charlotte Lake Matheran
Lyndsey sa…
Nicely done to capture a beautiful night sky!
Spiderdama sa…
Nydelig kveldsbilde. Fine myke farger.
Ha en god helg!

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