The spider in the web

Photo by Artlover/LH
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The Weekend in Black and White

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Madelaine sa…
Will you walk into my parlor said the spider to the fly. : )
christina sa…
Spindlar är lika flitiga som myror, tror jag. Vackert fångat!
Carver sa…
That's a fantastic capture of the spider spinning its perfect web.
Dragonstar sa…
That poor spider has a lot of repair work to do!
Such is life, of the spider! A simple life, easily repaired after his capture, or demolition by insensitive
gardeners! Surely not as bad as losing a house to
a tornado. Beautiful shot of a damagad planned trap!
Anne sa…
Du er bare god du!!
Vernz sa…
wow, it;s like a woman raising her arms .. very nice one.. Anything Davao
Regina sa…

Happy B/W Weekend.
What an artist that spider is! I like this in black and white...the simplicity makes the web stand out that much more!
Carolyn Ford sa…
Spiders ARE amazing! Very nicely composed and lighted!
@nemonen sa…
Bra foto på Imse i nätet!

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