Dirty Engine

Photo by Artlover/LH
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I've been playing a bit in Photoshop and tried to provoke the feeling of machinery and mechanics. The result was as you can see above, after trying various artistic filters in Ps, to get an expression of "feeling of machine" in the picture. This picture was taken from my car and the engine compartment.

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Anonym sa…
I definitely feel the machine...I can almost hear it LOL I love the tones, it really brings out the bare essential shapes!
Kris sa…
Oh, this reminds me of when I was little - my great uncle had a miniature model of a steam engine. I loved it. Hehe, veldig fint bilde!
Lui sa…
That's a really cool sepia!
Annie sa…
I can almost feel the heat rising from the engine.
Pialotta sa…
Trevligt med gamla maskiner i sepia .. så nära inpå.. gillar vad jag ser:)

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