Mushrooms in Black and White

Photo by Artlover/LH
Click to enlarge the image

Mushrooms do not grow only out of the ground. These mushrooms I saw that grow from the tree trunk in the country and here is a closeup of them.

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The Weekend in Black and White

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I love it....

I know...I dislike B&W but that shot is so nice

I came back from Africa and I am a little bit of tired...

I need to rest some days

nice friday, dear
Anonym sa…
I have never seen mushroom stack like it...the tones in the black and white is great too!
@nemonen sa…
Wow supersnyggt!
Dave sa…
i love the softness in this image.
RuneE sa…
Det var morsomt å se hvordan man i s-h fikk strukturen i soppene så fint frem. Farger distraherer ofte på det punktet.
Dragonstar sa…
Such a gentle photo. I like the way fungus always looks different.
Y. Ikeda sa…
Is it edible??? Nice macro image.
Have a nice weekend.
LauraX sa…
love this image!

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