Frosty softness

Photo by Artlover/LH
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Winter is here with snow and cold, something I don´t like. But it has its charm as well, at least in the picture anyway.

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Vacker bild och den ser varm ut trots frosten
Ralph sa…
This is a lovely leaf as it sits under a coat of frost. Yet the shape of a simple leaf is to behold, simple of line. The sepia allows the frost to not feel so cold, almost warm. That it is still part of the branch and not on the ground adds to its beauty. Nicely captured!
Waoo, amazing! very artistic! is charming :).. i loved it..
Miss Kodee sa…
If winter can continue to show such beauty, I just might be able to endure it
Lui sa…
It doesn't look like ice! Oh, now I don't think I'll yearn for winter!
Lisa sa…
Jättevacker bild!
You may not like winter, but look at the stunning image it produced! This is just spectacular!
Ellada sa…
Wow !!! fantastic photo. Bravo
ser så mjukt ut att jag kom att tänka på en skön pläd. :)
Gary sa…
It really looks so soft! Excellent!

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