Happy New Year 2011

ArtPhoto by Artlover
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With this image I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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Dragonstar sa…
Smoke? Lovely swirling patterns and a fine photo.

Happy New Year!
Wow, this is gorgeous! Happy New Year!
marylous2011 sa…
this is a beautiful image!! Happy New Year!! Are you going to blog with us again? My new blog is
Wonderful capture. Smoke, bubbly, and confetti seem to represent the traditional new year.
anemonen sa…
Urtjusigt foto i svartvitt. Tack för fin kommentar hos mig. God fortsättning.
Beautiful, defined swirls with lots of interesting tones between! Great photo!
Beautiful image. I just worry about the lungs this came out of!
Henrietta sa…
What a great smoke:)
LauraX sa…
I love the way you have captured the smoke...fantastic! Happy new year:)
Karen sa…
Terrific shot.
christina sa…
Gott Nytt 2011 till Dig!

Intressant bild..jag sveps iväg med röken eller dimman or something..läckert!!

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