Icy Times

Photo by Artlover/LH
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When the cold has hit, time stands still. Winter feels so endless. The time has frozen.

Posted for The Weekend in Black and White

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They get around, these icicles!

Dragonstar sa…
Excellent icicle photo. I'm sure there will be many more opportunities for such photos before spring arrives!
Waaw, seems magical.. i loved it..
Anne sa…
Som et smykke bare naturen selv kan lage :-)
John sa…
Like the contrast and the depth of field.
I feel frozen too...how I hate the cold! Is it almost summer yet?

Wonderful capture and great details!
Y. Ikeda sa…
Great idea to convert into monochrome. It does not look like ice. Very beautiful. Love it.
Thanks for sharing.
Carver sa…
That is so beautiful. I love the way thick icicles look.
ja istappar finns det lite varstans. Lite mysko faktiskt eftersom det inte töat.
LauraX sa…
You have really captured the sparkle of the ice...it looks silvery in black and white...beautiful!

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