Light Evening Sky

Photo by Artlover/LH
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It´s nice to look at old pictures and yearn for summer and light. I´m so tired of winter and darkness now. Right now I wish for a trip to warmer places.

Posted for Skywatch Friday

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Sylvia K sa…
I do so understand and agree with you! I too long for warmer, brighter days even though ours aren't anywhere near as cold and dark as yours! It's a fabulous capture with all the beauty and warmth of another season! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend! Stay warm!

I think a LOT of us are looking through our archives this week. I don't mind the cold so much. But the grey skies need some sun!
Anonym sa…
Oh very pretty!
Mm, so beautiful.. lights are fantastics.. where I live is very warm:)
We are supposed to be having summer, but it only appears for a morning (today) and then mist, cool wind and rain roll in again! It's unbelievable!

And lovely skies i n your photo!
Laura sa…
such lovely color, and the perspective is wonderful!
Yoshi sa…
Nice perspective with a beautiful colors of the sky!!!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Anonym sa…
Superb colours.
Anonym sa…
I'm with you on that one...and this does look nice and warm and GREEN!

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