Low Sun

Photo by Artlover/LH
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The sun is very low now in the sky, once it is free from the clouds. Here we see Bromma Cemetery, in the same place where I showed the church last time in Skywatch Friday. In this picture, I´ve Bromma church behind me.

Posted for Skywatch Friday

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Sylvia K sa…
Marvelous capture! You can feel the winter! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Hallo, beautiful.. very nice lights..
with that warm sunlight you would think it would melt some of that snow! What a beautiful capture!
mick sa…
I like the way the light is catching the higher parts of the snow.
Tricia sa…
Beautiful scene & I love the sunburst! =)
Luna Miranda sa…
i love the angle of the trees and the light on snow. a serene, beautiful scene.
ladyfi sa…
En magisk bild!
Arija sa…
Wonderful the way the light catches the snow.
LauraX sa…
I love the forms of the trees in this low light, beautiful!
syel sa…
i love the overall mood of this photo. and it doesn't seem like a cemetery at all (because it's all covered in snow! :D)

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