One of so many snowflakes

Photo by Artlover/LH
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It blooms of ice crystals everywhere. Here is a close up of snow that I´ve cropped and enlarged afterwards. Welcome to this beautiful winter landscapes in miniature.

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Kim, USA sa…
Wow this is stunning!
lisaschaos sa…
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Gorgeous flakes!
Kala sa…
Beautiful details of the snowflakes!
Very delicate and lovely macro. Happy new year!!!!
namaki sa…
nice blue !!!! and flake !
Judy sa…
Gorgeous!! We seldom look at the snow this closely, so it is always a surprise to notice the details! Thank you!
All I can say is STUNNING!
LauraX sa…
It does indeed look like a blossom...a garden of delicate snow crystals:)
Hanne sa…
Wow! This is breath taking. Snowflakes are so pretty and fragile and yet, they can cause so much irritation and damage.

Nice capture!
Wildhearts sa…
Visst är det häftigt när man lyckas fånga en snöflinga på bild. De är så vackra och ingen är den andra lik :)
lisaschaos sa…
So pretty! Delicate. :)

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