Sepia Scenes #112

Photo by Artlover/LH
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This is not real sepia. I've pulled in some of the controls in Camera Raw in Photoshop and resulted in two tones of blue and light brown or tan in this image. My purpose was to produce two sepia tones in a single image. Although it is limited to a JPEG file, so it is possible to edit in Camera Raw.

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EG Wow sa…
You've created an interesting effect here! I will have to try something similar!
Mmm, beautiful picture.. looks great :)
Lisa sa…
Vad häftigt det blev.
Annie sa…
Two tone. Interesting and really effective. I'll have to try that at piknic sometime.
DeLi sa…
so creative!
A unique balancing of colours creating a magical effect!
anemonen sa…
Snyggt det ser ut som en hel buske full av fjärilar.
Interesting color combination. It really pops!

I participated in Sepia Scenes for the first time today!

Hood Photo Blog
Gunsside sa…
Dette var stilig, naturlig sepia mot det vakre blå ;))

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