233. — Reaching Up

Photo by Artlover/LH
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...or pointed up?

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..slice of life 2011..
365 days in photos

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Wa, great capture! i really liked it..
Henrietta sa…
Playing with water is always fun and you never know what did you get. Great shot and I see of last posts that you have doing this lot.
Wildhearts sa…
Läckert! Bra färg på vattnet också. Hur har fått till det?
Mary Lou sa…
I'm still amazed at how you do this. It's beautiful!!
Chesney sa…
Looks like a finger in there, very awesome!
gerberbaby1 sa…
Great water play! Love that pointed finger that is visible and the aqua color is wonderful.
Nattsyrran sa…
Tummen upp säger vi till den här tummen upp-bilden!! Super=)

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