48. — Chocolate

Photo by Artlover/LH
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Photography is not just my passion. I also like good chocolate of good quality, as above.

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giseled sa…
really beautiful shot. Please send some of those to me in NY!
Madelaine sa…
Beautifully photographed and delicously decadent looking!
tchesney sa…
OMG those look sinful...I am sure you have a box in the mail for me! :)
jackscrap sa…
Just by looking I've put on a kilo!Now I'll have to get out some of my own 'hidden away' chocolates for a little look. LOL
gerberbaby1 sa…
No doubt how delicious these chocolates are!You have photographed them beautifully. These are my favorite food item!
leffe, send to me the chocolate...I love it..
great shot
nice friday
Julie McLeod sa…
My daughter got some of these for Christmas and before I could photograph them, they were GONE! Oh well, I never could have done as well as you. I love the light and the beautiful reflections.
marylous2011 sa…
Beautiful photographs!! The colors and reflections add to the beauty. I'm sure these were delicious!!
dspec01 sa…
What a wonderful in setting these shots up. You did a great job in photographing them. These images are stunning.

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