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Photo by Artlover/LH
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Five wintering swans on the image in Stockholm.

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365 days in photos
The Weekend in Black and White


Gisele sa…
I love how white the swans are in this shot. Very nice!
Lot's of swans in stockholm each winter and they give a perspective to how big the ship is
five swams :) nice capture..
Wish you a nice weekend :)
Strange to see swans swimming around such a large boat! Lovely shot!
anemonen sa…
Det där var ett tjusigt foto.
tchesney sa…
I love how the swans are leading lines to the ship...this is very beautiful in black and white!
The swans give an artistic touch...
Dragonstar sa…
A fine shot. The contrast and the composition are just right.
Karen sa…
Terrific contrast in this shot, Love the swans!
gerberbaby1 sa…
Nicely composed with the swans and then the coiled rope in the foreground. I prefer color but this B/W works in this shot.

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