Pink Waterhole

Photo by Artlover/LH
Click to enlarge

Here is my own theme to 365 photos and also posted for Macro Monday and Watery wednesday.
See and enjoy and have a nice day.

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Carletta sa…
You always have such awesome water shots!
Love the color and reflection!
Annelie sa…
Oh, what gorgeous macro!
Snow Leopard sa…
Gorgeous. What was the shutter speed?
Leovi sa…
I love these colors and abstraction
GrandmaK sa…
I am speechless! Wow!!! I wish I had your skill! Have a grand day! Cathy
"Lillagul" sa…
Wow !
Jätte coolt :)
Karen sa…
I love everything about this shot. Great composition, gorgeous reflections, and the perfect colour!
tchesney sa…
That reflection is just cool w/ the drops...Loving this!
Tammie Lee sa…
wonderful and pink too!
Kala sa…
Wonderful color!
Luna Miranda sa…
what a creative shot! great job!
Love this shot of the pink waterhole.:)
anemonen sa…
Ursnyggt!!! Jag hoppas allt är väl med dig. Ha en fin vecka.
It looks like a tiny bejeweled crown!


A hunter of all kinds of water
Had neither a son nor a daughter;
But ocean and sea
Provided such glee—
He fancied adopting an otter!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Frosty Windowpane
Wildhearts sa…
Riktigt, riktigt läckert! Vilken färg och vilken precision.
gerberbaby1 sa…
You really have some wonderful water art..especially love the brilliant pink color here.

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