255. — Seaside

Photo by Artlover/LH
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Now I arrived home from a lovely and also a busy weekend from island Landsort, located in the Stockholm south archipelago. I´ve been on a photography course in landscape photography. This is one of my pictures from there, and more will come.. Here you see the light of dawn before the sun rises from the horizon. I´m very tired. I haven´t slept much over the weekend. We had to get up at four o´clock in the morning, and now I´ve to sleep.

Exposure 1/4 sec, f/4,2, Focal Length 15.0 mm, ISO 200. Lens: 10.0-24.0 mm f/3.5-4.5 G IF-ED
The image is processed in Lightroom 3.

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LauraX sa…
beautiful, beautiful photo!
Esther sa…
It feels like those waves are going to tickle my toes. You must have been laying down on the stones to get this angle. I look forward to seeing your other photos....that is after you catch up on your sleep!
Lois sa…
So very beautiful! I love the angle of this composition.
Chesney sa…
I am jealous how fun and how beautiful! Loving this scene..it is so realistic that I can hear the waves crashing!
traceyjj sa…
Oh so lovely. I can never see enough sea-scapes. This one is especially beautiful with the sun just starting to show on the horizon.

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