96. — Family

Photo by Artlover/LH
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Here we see not just one family, but several. See how many pups they have together.

Exposure: 1/80 sec, f/3.3, Focal Length 19,2 mm (90 mm in 35 mm film), ISO 400. Camera: Leica D-Lux 5 (My favorite camera).
The image is processed in Lightroom 3.

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Watery Wednesday

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Chesney sa…
It takes a village to raise a child! :) This is just beautiful!
Karen sa…
Such a lovely photo. It is very appealing in monochrome.
chubskulit sa…
Beautifully captured!

Anticipating for Water is my entry, hope you can visit, thanks!
Judy sa…
This summer, the geese in the river here formed a huge family like that. It was just so amazing! I love the way you have captured your huge family in black and white!!!
Linda Makiej sa…
Wonderful shot for watery Wednesday!! :)
Al sa…
That's an impressive extended family. Great shot!
Joyful sa…
A wonderful photo! So nice in black and white.

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