175. — Macro Shot

Photo by Artlover/LH
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This picture looks like modern art. At first I thought the picture was unsuccessful because of the wind and the spider was out of focus. But then I found the light reflexes was a spectacular igrediens in the picture. I hope you like it.

Exposure 1/60 sec, f/4.0, Focal Length 105,0 mm, ISO 200. Lens: 105,0 mm, f/2.8.
The image is processed in Lightroom 3.

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..slice of life 2011..
365 days in photos
Macro Monday

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Karen sa…
Oh I really like it. It looks like the spider is reverberating!
anemonen sa…
Jaa det är hur artistiskt som helst. Gillar det faktiskt.
en annorlunda bild är det ju. En massa som händer i bilden.
lisaschaos sa…
Scary spider! Running away now! lol
Judy sa…
Much better enlarged! I love the light refracting in the web!!
You're right, it does look like art. Very cool.

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