Vehicle. — 350. Snaggarns Raggaråk.

This summer I visited the American Car Show in Norrtälje. Then I met old pals from the past. Among others, this guy who owns this (nice) car. Do you like it?


...radiator grille. Big and heavy.

Chrysler Imperial is a big car..

...large enough to have sex in I think:-). Look closely at the orange badge on dashboard. (Tranlated) Girls with big (pip)...are smarter. Mowaahaaa...:-D


Legally protected ancient monument. So true, so...

Nice... A large trunk to load a lot of beer in.


Great car from car´s golden age.

Under same car as above. Old cars leak oil. It´s just normal.

All photos are taken by me (© Artlover/LH 2011) from American Car Show Norrtälje 2011, with my Leica D-Lux 5.
All rights reserved.

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Chesney sa…
Actually I do like all of the character you captured with all of the unique angles you shot this at! Very nice series of pics...would be very cool framed together in LARGE frames1
Lois sa…
The personality of the car is revealed in your images.
anemonen sa…
Ah vilken patina. Gillar de här bilderna skarpt!!

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