First post 2012 in this blog

Photo by Artlover/LH
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The year first day was rainy and gray. Not so good start of the new year so far.

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Scenic Sunday

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Lois sa…
Love the shallow depth of field.
Chesney sa…
Looks like my day here...although you got a better picture of it lol Wonderful shallow depth!!!
Madelaine sa…
You find beauty all around you. Gorgeous shot!
Madelaine sa…
Oh, Happy New Year!!! : )
Red Nomad OZ sa…
Rain would have been MUCH better than our HOT New Year's Day downunder in Australia!

Happy New Year!
Judy sa…
But this time of year is always gray and rainy, unless it is snowing... The art is in finding something other in all that grayness.

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