Squirrel with the burned tail

Photo by Artlover/LH
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Chesney sa…
I have never seen a squirrel w/ a different colored tail! Are these common in your area? Love how he is checking you out!
Wow, awesome shot. He's looking at you :)
Judy sa…
What a cooperative model!! I love the leaves framing him!!
Aw, he is adorable. I have seen black squirrels but never one with just a black tail.
Pat sa…
I love your capture of this beautiful little squirrel.
DeniseinVA sa…
Wonderful photo, and enlarging it brings out all the detail. Such a cute little squirrel!
He posed for ya!

Have a great weekend.
Pia sa…
What a very special brown squirrel with a dark tail. I never saw this before. Great capture!

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