Scrap in the forest

Photo by Artlover/LH
Click to enlarge

Sometimes I think that scrap is an exciting feature of nature.

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HansHB sa…
Herlig B&W bilde! Flott komponert!
Judy sa…
At first glance, I almost thought it was some prehistoric monster - the headlight was the eye, and the detail on the bumper was the (very big) tooth!!
Jeg elsker slike motiver! Veldig flott!
Dragonstar sa…
It looks like the old car is getting close to its original components. It almost looks as if it belongs just there. Fine photo.
Vane M. sa…
Gostei, original em p&b! Um abraço!
Mary Lou sa…
I really like this!! I would love to find auto scrap yards to take photographs.
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