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Photo by Artlover/LH
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How it looked outside my window. Why must everything be sharp and fine? You must learn to see from other perspectives that I had to do when I created this image. I like it more and more for its suggestive feeling.

I did an interesting experiment to find the basic of how a camera works practically. I used my kitchen as a Camera Obscura. I the first step I covered the windows with black cardboard, to blackout the room. In one half of the window, I made a small hole in the carboard and covered it with a bit foil with smaller hole in it. In step two, I placed a transparent paper behind the hole. You can see the set up below. Obviously disclosed the image upside down on the paper. In the last part I turn the image right side up and converted to black and white in Lightroom.

Photo by Artlover/LH
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The set up of Camera Obscura in my Kitchen.

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Leovi sa…
Yeah, good job, I like your experiment!
Vilket spännande och intressant experiment. Undrade just vad det var jag såg innan jag läste dina rader.
Birgitte sa…
Det lyder spændende fint billede også i tåget tilstand :-)
Dragonstar sa…
A great experiment. It must have taken you so long to set it all up, but it obviously worked. Well done!
HansHB sa…
Flott bilde!
Det finnes en kategori "male med kamera" "med kamera som pensel" hvor en bruker kamera på en måte som gjør motiv/ bilder diffuse!
Wonderful sense of misty moodiness in your photo. Enjoyed the details of your experiment.
Laura sa…
wonderfully creative and an excellent photo!
Jaz sa…
What a good experiment idea! Love the result...

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