Sky High

Photo by ArtloverLH
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Ahead of Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, they have built a tower on kungstradgarden that you can go up in. Around the city prepare it for the festival. Note the halo around the sun by the lens from my camera and the Cherry bloms from Kungsträdgården above.

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Dancin Fool sa…
That is stunning, great shot and lovely composition.
Alexander sa…
Excellent shot of the tower. Beautiful capture of the lens flares and lovely composition. The views from up there should be nice. I hope to be able to see some photos of it.

Have a lovely weekend!

Alex's World! -
fredamans sa…
Beautiful in so many ways.
Lady Fi sa…
So very lovely!
Nisha sa…
So lovely! At first glance I thought I am transported to New Zealand. :)

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