235. — Red

Photo by Artlover/LH
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Now I paint in red. The theme is red.

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365 days in photos

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tchesney sa…
Your artistic abilities never cease to amaze me....spectacular!
lsvejda sa…
This is fantastic!
Bobbi Dunn sa…
I love how you spot the color in the black and white photo. I am going to learn how to do that this year.
gerberbaby1 sa…
This is such an inspired way to illustrate color...simple yet very interesting and well done!
giseled sa…
Gorgeous - you can really see the texture of the paint. I love the selective coloring
marylous2011 sa…
It's a beautiful shade of red that makes this a spectacular image!!
ina sa…
What a great Idea and Photo
Beautiful use of selective color. That red really pops.
Sonishka sa…
Hello, nice blog and wide range of photos! ;-) visiting from sky watch blog hop. See u next week, Sonishka ;-)

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